Month: January 2012

Check Point Firewall – Nokia IPSO CST Hanging or Taking Forever?

Is your Nokia IPSO CST Not finishing? Trying to run a CST on your Nokia, but seems to be taking forever? I have had the same issue on various Nokia security appliances running on IPSO 4.2 and older. The problem ended up being hung process that was spawned by the CST program. It seems that…

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Check Point Firewall – Detect SSH over Non Standard Ports

Many enterprises deploy proxies these days, but many are not aware that if they are not configured correctly they may be allowing SSH over Non Standard Ports, giving a tech savvy employee the keys to exploit this fault. Most times this is SSH over HTTP/HTTPS, but can also be over other ports, which is less…

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Check Point Firewall – Interfaces Reordered Upon Upgrade

A few days ago, one of our Check Point IAS M6 Firefly equiped, R70.20 Splat clusters, had a member fail due to “PLANAR VOLTAGE FAILURE”, so says the IBM iLO event log. Since this is not solved by a simple power supply replacement, so an RMA replacement unit from Check Point was obtained. The new…

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