Month: January 2014

BlueCoat Proxy – Web URL Category Review / Best Practices

This page will attempt to assist you in building a Web URL Category review process, as well as provide best practice recommendations from BlueCoat and my own personal experience with BlueCoat. BlueCoat does not update their Web URL Categories very often, but it does happen about once every 12-18 months. In earlier times, they were…

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Word To Enterprises… Update Your Security Kit Regularly

Often times when I come to a company it is to bolster, revamp or help them re-evaluate their web security posture, with a focus on data exfiltration investigations and outbound web proxy is a great place to start. 90% of the time, when I finally gain access to the management console, I am greeted by…

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Web Proxy And The Need For SSL Decryption

Most organizations will deploy a Web Proxy solution, but not intercept HTTPS traffic to do SSL decryption and inspection. This may be done for various reasons * Not yet having a PKI infrastructure to manage the SSL browser certificates * Perhaps the AD/GPO team doesn’t want to manage SSL certificate on the user PC *…

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