Blue Coat ProxySG – CLI Commands

Here is a list of Blue Coat ProxySG CLI commands, that I have compiled from my studies, Blue Coat documents, and places around the web. This is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but is rather meant to be a command line KB of sorts – mainly for my quick reference. The list is split into standard and privileged mode commands. If the list proves useful to you, please feel free to share the link with others. Also, if you see any typo’s with anything, feel free to let me know!

Blue Coat ProxySG CLI ‘Standard Mode’ Commands
CLI Command Command Description
show appliance-name Displays the name of the appliance
show arp-table Displays TCP/IP ARP table information
show caching Displays data regarding cache refresh rates, settings, & caching policies
show cifs Displays Common Internet File System (CIFS) information
show clock Displays the current ProxySG time setting
show cpu Displays CPU usage
show diagnostics Displays remote diagnostics information
show disk Displays disk information
show dns Displays primary and alternate DNS server data
show efficiency Displays efficiency statistics by objects and by bytes
show event-log [configuration] Show the event-log configuration
show general Displays the general settings
show health-checks Displays health check information.
show http Displays HTTP configuration information
show http-stats Displays HTTP statistics ver #’s, # of connections accepted by HTTP, # of persistent connections that were reused, & the # of active client connections
show interface Displays interface status and configuration information
Usage: {all | interface_number}
show ip-default-gateway Specifies the default IP gateway
show ip-route-table Displays route table information
show ip-stats Displays TCP/IP statistics
show licenses Displays license information
show resources Displays allocation of disk and memory resources
show restart Displays system restart settings, including core image info & compression status
show services Displays information about services
show service-groups Displays proxy service groups
show sessions Displays information about the CLI session
show static-routes Displays static route table information
show status Displays current system status/config, & general status information
show version Displays ProxySG hardware/software ver & release info & backplane PIC status
show virtual-ip Displays the current virtual IP addresses
Blue Coat ProxySG CLI ‘Privileged Mode’ Commands
CLI Command Command Description