Blue Coat ProxySG – Splash Page Updates

In my previous blathering’s about BlueCoat splash pages, I always had used the variable $(cs-categories) to identify which BlueCoat WebFilter (BCWF) the requested URL was a child of. But this displays ALL the categories that a specific URL/site is a member of, not just the one that is the criteria for the block.

In your day to day administration and troubleshooting of BlueCoat proxy, you have no doubt seen URL’s/site’s with multiple categorizations. You are probably also familiar with trying to identify why a certain URL/site has been blocked by part of your policy, and narrow the multiple categories to a single category that is the criteria for the block (unless it is a custom-made one with a name you recognize, then its easily handled).

Well, with the addition of a little extra BlueCoat exception splash page coding, you can extract the information you require, and have it displayed right alongside your existing splash page data. The extra variable is very simple – $(exception.category). What this variable does, is to identify only the category that was tagged as criteria for the block, which should look something like this:

And walla… Now you do not have to bang your head trying to identify which of the categories is the criteria for the block…