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Check Point Firewall – Backup vs Snapshot

Backup procedures Check Point provides three different procedures for backing up (and restoring) the operating system and networking parameters on your appliances. • Snapshot (Revert) • Backup (Restore) • upgrade_export Each of these procedures backs up certain parameters and has relative advantages (such as: file size, speed, and portability), which are fully described in this…

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Blue Coat Proxy – test http get

When troubleshooting user internet connection issues with a specific URL, that are returning the very unhelpful Blue Coat “TCP Error” message, I normally pop into the Blue Coat ProxySG appliance and run a test from the appliance to the URL in question. I will log into the ProxySG appliance via SSH, and issue the ‘test…

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Blue Coat ProxySG – CLI Commands

Here is a list of Blue Coat ProxySG CLI commands, that I have compiled from my studies, Blue Coat documents, and places around the web. This is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but is rather meant to be a command line KB of sorts – mainly for my quick reference. The list…

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