Category: Web Proxy

Blue Coat Proxy – test http get

When troubleshooting user internet connection issues with a specific URL, that are returning the very unhelpful Blue Coat “TCP Error” message, I normally pop into the Blue Coat ProxySG appliance and run a test from the appliance to the URL in question. I will log into the ProxySG appliance via SSH, and issue the ‘test…

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Blue Coat ProxySG – CLI Commands

Here is a list of Blue Coat ProxySG CLI commands, that I have compiled from my studies, Blue Coat documents, and places around the web. This is by no means an exhaustive or comprehensive list, but is rather meant to be a command line KB of sorts – mainly for my quick reference. The list…

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Blue Coat ProxySG – Creating A Splash Page

There do not seem to be many up to date resources regarding the building of BlueCoat splash pages, or exception pages. Even the top Google search will point you to a BlueCoat document (578) that is dated “v3-0609” for June of 2009, or to another BlueCoat document (8577) that are pretty stripped down and provide…

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