My Experience With & Craigslist

I know my writings are mostly targeted at technology related subjects, however, I wanted to share a success story that makes me smile to this day…

Daisy riding shotgun - what a good lil pup!When I first moved to Denver, I had just recently purchased a 5 month old Puggle named Daisy. She was the perfect little moving partner and rode shotgun in the Budget truck, like a little trooper, the whole way. We got everything unloaded off the truck, and all was well, she just needed dinner and a short walk. And that is when it happened; she was able to get away from us and got startled when the plastic retractable leash hit the ground loudly. She took off like a little rocket, and ran until we couldn’t see her anymore. We searched for hours on a nasty, wet and rainy evening, but were unable to find her.

Naturally, we panicked and went though every emotion possible. She was only ours for a little while, but it was still a very hard loss. We got to work putting together some little flyers to post on light poles in our area, entered a post on craigslist, etc… I did a lot of searching on the internet, and each time I kept being referenced to the same site, So naturally, I did a bit of browsing on the site, and found that they had a section of the site already going for animals lost in our area. I took the posting and pictures that I was putting on flyers and quickly submitted our information for Daisy. Joe, the owner of, replied back to me in less than an hour, providing some helpful tips and common techniques, for finding lost animals.

The fact that a real person replied back, and not a canned response from an email notification system was very nice. We kept checking the web for the rest of the next 2 days, and sure enough, somebody called us back explaining that our little pup was in good hands; frightened but doing well. I honestly can’t remember if the finder said they saw our post on Craigslist, or on Joe’s website, but I was very happy to see that Joe had such a smart, and very to-the-point website available, for people in similar situations.

I want to extend my thanks to Joe and his suggestions, and advise anyone that may find themselves reading this humble blog post to take a look at, and wish you good luck in finding your lost animal!!