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Quick Bio

I have been in the technology field since 1999 and plan to be here for a good while. There are so many breakthroughs every day, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? I first started with computers by way of a silly game that I played over a 14.4 modem with a friend. When it broke we had to fix it, and that is how I caught the IT bug, without even knowing it had happened. Little did I know that game would lead me to a college course load full of IT related knowledge making its way into my head.

Since then I have had a progressive ramp-up to where I am currently, from working at a computer repair business with 5 locations in Eastern Nebraska, to managing servers/firewalls/security appliances at a small global security integration company, to managing various security infrastructure technologies at one of the most well known global enterprises in the world. It has been an interesting ride as well, with dips, bumps, etc, but it has all been worth it. I am now at a fantastic point in my career and feel like I am in the perfect position to push myself to greater heights within this organization. I look forward to every day, and what new problems will come my way. Sounds absurd to most, what I just said, but the true technology world works like that. Its a culture thing, and we thrive on problem solving, and can identify or create vastly new ideas based off of those problems or the failures of a scrap of technology.

When I am not working or studying for work, I really like being outdoors snowboarding, motorcycling, whitewater rafting, hiking, backpacking, camping, working on restoring the cars and motorcycles in my garage, amateur photography, playing on my softball and volleyball teams, grilling out with friends, and most anything else I can do outdoors. I guess you could say that I work hard, and play harder. When inside, I like cooking all types of food, painting with acrylic on canvas, reading Tom Clancy novels (especially the Jack Ryan series), dabbling a bit with various web design and CMS platforms, and watching movies or listening to music on my constantly evolving Home Theater PC / touchscreen jukebox. I have added a small gallery on the site, showing some of the hobbies and past times that I enjoy; feel free to browse around the site if you like.

That about wraps it up for me. Thank you for stopping by,